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These are the most exciting time times to be working in the IT business. Though progress is always slower than we like, it feels like major transformative changes have suddenly come our way. Cloud services, mature collaboration & communication tools, container technology, incredible wireless communications networks, innovative new smartphones, 3D printers, and robotics, to suggest a few. These new technologies provide new capabilities at increasing speeds. The trend seems very much moving to cloud, big data, and other faster more powerful ways to manage data. We leverage the data that we already have collected in order to produce useful new answers and solutions that save time and money.

Earth & Sky has partnered with Dillon IT to bring over 70 years of combined IT experience. We understand the problems and we focus on solutions that leverage current investments. Reducing IT Costs has been a recurring theme with our customers. Trouble is that clients frequently over-buy and underutilize software. We can bring valuable help to this problem which saves you money. We’ve recently worked with two client organizations helping them to save over $3M each on their Enterprise Agreement renewals.

We’ve seen a lot of IT shops and we have a good sense as to the problems and solutions. We can help your business leverage current IT assets and help you craft a software plan that will support your systems capabilities roadmap without overspending.

Earth & Sky, Inc is a client focused business whose experience with Microsoft systems and IT management will help you improve IT operations and reduce costs. We will work with you throughout the engagement. On your behalf, we are happy to work with Microsoft and other vendors to develop solutions at a lower costs for you.

Office 365, Cloud services, subscription model, new versions of Windows, SQL Server, are all questions that we have been discussing with customers. There can be huge savings associated with deploying new solutions. We will work with you to understand whether new solutions make sense from both an operations viewpoint as well as cost reduction.

It is our sincere desire to put ourselves out of work by doing such a good job that you won’t need us for the next contract renewal!

Why Choose Us?
  • Effective Cost Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Efficient Deployment
  • Enterprise Expertise
  • Adaptable Services
  • Focused & Determined
Besides cost reduction, how else might your company benefit?

We’ve helped customers find more value in their existing investment. We’ve been around a lot of IT and aren’t shy about discussing best practices at any time!